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  The chief of any modern company often thinks about making of work of his company more effective using modern technologies. One of the most productive ways is development of representation of the company in Internet.
  Web-representation of company helps to solve the following tasks:

  • formation of company‘s image;
  • making potential clients more acquainted with production and services of your company;
  • collecting information for marketing researches;
  • reduction of loading on workers of company;
  • reduction of time of processing of company clients‘ requests;
  • reduction of expenses to advertisement materials;
  • sale of goods (services).

Studio "Deep Vision" offers you all the complex of services of:

  3 reasons making work with web-design studio "Deep Vision" the most profitable:

  1. Think of what do you prefer - factory punching or professional hand-held operation?
    Some designers having got a couple of the most popular programs of code generation say that they develop sites very quickly. But everybody knows that speed is not always quality. All the programs created for help in sites development for programmers who don‘t know programming languages for Internet have some disagreeable specialties (excess initial code, sites sometimes are not correctly displayed in different browsers and operation systems). Programmers of our studio always generate code manually and it allows to create a product which corresponds to all modern standards. Artists who create graphic elements give you guarantee that no one site developed in our studio will not be the same with previous one. All the designer‘s decisions of our studio are exclusive.
  2. Studio "Deep Vision" takes care of correct reflection of developed sites on all the computers from the oldest ones till the most powerful. Sites on all the stages of writing of the code and development of programmed units is necessarily tested in different operation systems (Windows, Linux, OS/2) in different browsers (Netscape 4.5 and higher, Internet Explorer 4 and higher, Opera 5 and others). Our studio takes much care of optimization of graphic elements. Thanking to this fact they are loaded much quicker without noticeable loss of quality of pictures.
  3. Our studio gives to all our clients privileged hosting (possibility of placing your site on studio‘s server). It has a number of advantages not only in meaning of expenses. Our studio gives free additional services in site statistics. Thanking to that fact that statistics is fixed on the same server where site is physically placed watching of number of visitors does not negatively influence speed of loading. It differs such system from rating systems and counters.
    Besides guarantee of uninterrupted server work our studio gives our clients all necessary disk space, access to systems of DBMS (MySQL, DB2), automatic recoding, FTP access, support of JavaScript and PHP, JSP, e-mail and other possibilities.
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