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Our studio uses the most modern and powerful technologies which allow to execute all the orders of our clients quickly and effectively.

We use Server Side language PHP4 because this language allows:

  • to get quick and effective access almost to any DBMS (from MySQL till Oracle or DB2);
  • excellently integrate with different http servers (Apache, IIS, Netscape Server, PWS etc) and operation systems and it allows our clients not to depend on hosting providers and hardware platforms;
  • it is free for commercial and not commercial use and it allows to reduce client‘s expenses.

For hosting we use HTTP server Apache.

  • This web-server is a standard "de facto" for Internet (more than 80% of servers work with this http).
  • We set up extension Apache/RUS which allows our clients to forget about problems with Russian and Ukrainian codings.
  • Thanking to open initial codes of the programs there are versions for almost all the popular operation systems and it allows to clients to be independent on system platform.

While creating web-pages we are trying to achieve 2 main goals:

  • compatibility with popular web-browsers;
  • accordance of the code to standards W3C.

That‘s why all the code created by specialists of our studio is made in text editors not using WYSIWYG programs.

For "reviving" of web-pages, placing there elements of animation and interactivity we use Flash technology - it is integrated environment for creation of interactive animation oriented on Internet.

Program Flash profitably differs from other technologies by that fact that files of rollers made in it usually have small size and it has great importance while loading of them through Internet channels. Moreover, there are Flash players for different operation systems and most of modern browsers content it.

We use JavaScript for creation of navigating system and maximum use of browser‘s possibilities.

Taking into consideration different Implementation of this language in browsers Netscape 4.xx, Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 6 our specialists in necessary cases create several versions of script for different browsers. Correct version is automatically chosen and it allows users of different systems to get convenient sight anyway.

If our client has some special requirements which are hardly realized or impossible to realize by above mentioned technologies we use Java applets.

Sisli Gunluk Ev Kiralama

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