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Studio "Deep Vision" is a professional studio of web-design which managed to collect an excellent command of high-skilled specialists. Among them there are managers, web-analysts, designers and programmers who are ready to apply their knowledge and experience to create projects of any complexity.

This studio is made by company "Kiev Ukraine Multimedia Inc." In September 1999 and named "EPIC-Studio". Then trade mark (name) "EPIC-Studio" was sold and our studio has got a new name - "Deep Vision".

Web-programmers and artists of web-design were chosen, trained and on-the-job trained on filial enterprise of American company "Luminosity Entertainment" which executed orders of "Paramopunt Picture", "Simon&Schuster", "Microsoft Corporation" and "Digital Anvil". They perfectly know all the modern technologies applied for development of web-sights. Specialists of studio "Deep Vision" have a high skills and great creative and technical potential. It allows to execute orders of any complexity in the realm of web-design, computer graphic and animation.

Moreover, our studio closely works with directors and professional animators and can propose you creation of presentation rollers based on modern technology FLASH which allow to present in Internet sound and animation with high quality.

Creative work of studio "Deep Vision" is based on principles of joint activity of professional artists and programmers. Clients of our studio may be confident that company style and design of sight will be created by talented artists who know specialties of making graphics for Internet and who have skills in any necessary program sources. Programmers of our studio create Internet-version of project and transform all the ideas of designer in quick and convenient sight using advanced technologies.

Level of our specialists allows to create professionally made projects of any complexity from ordinary sight-visit cars of 2-5 pages till information portal with ramified database or web-shop.

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