Creation of web-representation is made in a few stages:

  1. Projecting.
    During this stage is formed requirement specification on site development. Specialists of our studio определяют an optimal decision and level of complexity of site development taking into consideration client‘s requirements and technologies existing in Internet. While this we take into account:
    • specialties of giving information in Internet;
    • specialties of psychology of sight visitors and specialties of comprehension of information from the screen;
    • necessity of using of technologies of giving information (expediency of use of JavaScript, Flash, PHP etc);
    • possibilities of using of standard and individual decisions while sight projecting sructure of the site;
    • some special limits of Internet;
    • firm style of company;
    • specialties of Internet users.
      After composing of technical task are defined terms of site development.

  2. Development of design concept.
      On the stage of development of design of web-representation we hold conversations with clients to understand their requirements and wishes concerning design of web-representation.
      On this stage is defined structure of placing information of site.
      Designers of studio "Deep Vision" develop exclusive site design creating original or corresponding to the company style solution.
      Work is done with taking into consideration of Internet specialties and specialties of comprehension of information from the screen.
      We offer our client a few of conceptual versions of site design depending on chosen complexity of project. Artist‘s work is strictly accorded with requirements and wishes of client in order to site maximally corresponded to set up tasks.
      The end of this stage is statement of structure and concept of design.

  3. Making up of pages and development of software.
      All the graphic elements of design are compulsory processed and optimized to quick load of pages.
      Programmers of our studio create Internet version of project and преобразуют designer‘s ideas in functional site using advanced technologies and private experience.
      On this stage is also developed special software for web-representaty using existing Internet technologies and unique program solutions of "Deep Vision" studio.
    These program decisions are used for:
    • organization of feedback with visitors of your site (sending of filled blanks, forms of the order to your e-mail address, working of forum, guest book, chat etc);
    • tracing of number of visits of your server, its particular documents and automatic analysis of this information;
    • operative update of information on your site;
    • creation of web-shop or agency with functions of automatic search of goods in catalogue of your production, chose and analysis of information about product of service;
    • placing adapted databases in Internet and adapting of existing bases in your standards without additional conversions;
    • building up of valuable Internet/Intranet application with support of authorization system and sharing of access including closed corporate networks;
    • creation of retrieval system (from simple search till complicated systems - catalogue makers);
    • this list is not final, all depends on wishes of our clients.

  4. Testing of the site in popular operation systems and browsers.
      All the software needs compulsory testing to check its functions. Often customer has no possibility to check work of web-representaty in different operation systems and browsers himself. Studio "Deep Vision" has installed on its computers different browsers and operation systems. Programmers of our studio take all the necessary steps for correct work of site in Internet Explorer (versions 4 and 5), Netscape Communicator (4.6 and 6.01), Opera 5.02, Mozilla (0.9 and higher). Clients of studio "Deep Vision" can visit our studio office any time and see functionality and excellent work of their web-representation in browsers of different versions and operation systems. Testing of sight in different operation systems and browsers is necessary to make sure that site will be displayed in the same way and underline seriousness and foresight of ordering company and its management. Many people have no idea that the same site in the same browser will be differently displayed in Windows NT and Windows 98.
      Technical sources of our studio and experience of our specialists allow to make proper testing. It can not be made by "free" designers or firms which create sights from time to time. We can also develop facilitated versions of web-representation of companies which perform informative projects for users with old browsers and computers.

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