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For what is web-shop?
Electronic commerce in present time is quickly developing area of commercial activity. Number of people who want to do shopping sitting at their computers is steadily increasing.
  Internet-shops are one more trade channel extending number of services for your clients. It is an effective tool for attraction of new clients and partners from your town, from other towns and regions through Internet. The main function on Internet-shop is demonstration and sale of your production and services. In some points it is like an electronic catalogue but its possibilities are much wider.
 At first, you can easy update information and accompanying graphic materials, flexibly react on changes of demand and define your price policy.
 At second, you can know more about your buyers (making shops client fills compulsory registration form and if you wish you can include in it number of questions concerning marketing).
 At third, you get one more trading platform and its lease is much cheaper than a real one. There is no need to have a number of sellers and consultants. Your web-shop will be both seller and consultant.

A number of essential specialties of internet-shop allows to use it more effectively than traditional advertising technologies:

  • information about production of your company is accessible from any place in the world for Internet user;
  • a price of advertisement in Internet is not high and you can direct it on strictly target audience;
  • you can operatively change and add information on server without any superfluous expenses;
  • non-stop and effective work of your shop (it will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

Advantages of electronic shop developed by our studio
  We perform full-function Internet-shop which differs by flexibility of adjustments and convenience in use. This is flexible and csaled technology which allows client to define functions necessary for his shop and chose the most suitable realizations of these functions, make any groups of goods with different characteristics of goods and use any graphical solution. While creation of this shop we took into consideration experience of such works in the world and particularly in Russian Internet.

You don‘t need to develop such a shop from zero. All you need is to adjust already developed, properly thought over and professionally made shop which is very convenient for clients. If you wish you can add there unique and stylish design. Price of development and creation of your shop on the base of ready program product is much lower that creation of such a shop from zero.

In present time in Ukraine they make preparations for creation of the only processing center. This center will be a guaranty of payments using credit cards through Internet. Internet-shop developed by our studio can be easily connected to such a center.

Basic possibilities of Internet-shop:

  • intuitively understandable interface;
  • it allows to work in conditions of Ukrainian economic reality;
  • high-speed hosting;
  • system of data protection;
  • a quick setup and preparation for work;
  • authorization of access and share of powers;
  • the advanced resources of navigating and search on the database;
  • buyer can easily control condition of his order and history of all the orders made by him earlier;
  • it gives to manager of shop the maximum possibilities to provide buyers with information about goods;
  • besides names and comments of goods it is also possible to mention links with separate HTML-pages with detailed description - so size of given information is almost unlimited;
  • this system is simply managed and this makes it especially attractive for enterprises of any scale;
  • possibility of quick change of language according to wish of buyer (Russian, Ukrainian);
  • possibility of design change in a few minutes.

Additional possibilities of internet-shop:

  • compatibility with different systems of handle and databases;
  • possibility of work with DBMS of client (special development);
  • the unit of calculation of cost of delivery and integration with shop (special development);
  • it is open for interaction with existing systems of calculation and handle;
  • possibility of control of sight contents right from corporate system of control and registration;
  • access authorization ;
  • possibility of choice of different ways of delivery and their adjust to wishes of customer;
  • creation of text version of shop for users with slow access to Internet;
  • creation of backup system of databases.


  • original design of the sight;
  • basic functions;
  • registration of domain name *.com.ua, *.net.ua, *.org.ua;
  • registration in 80 Ukrainian and Russian search systems;
  • specialized hosting on our server during 3 months;
  • fulltime technical support of shop;
  • making of banner 120x60;
  • making of banner 468x60;
  • set up and adjust of the shop.
    Total: setup with original design $1000.

Studio "Deep Vision" offers besides space on servers and wide international channel of access to your shop also the widest number of services of its advertisings such as:

  1. Registration in the most popular retrieval systems.
  2. Planning and realization of advertisement in Internet:

    a) close cooperation with your advertisement agency (department) for holding of advertisement campaign in Internet as a part of your complex advertisement campaign;

    b) holding of banner advertisement campaign:
     - development of concept of banner;
     - creation of effective banners of different topics and sizes (468x60, 120x60, 100x100, text ones);
     - creation of banners and performing rollers with professional quality using newest technology Flash;
     - participation in free banner networks;
     - buying of banner shows;
     - placement of banners on topic servers;

    c) choice of advertisement platforms on popular subject servers and organization of links exchanges;

    d) placement of your advertisement in electronic dispatches.

Support of your internet-shop means the following services:

  1. allocation of visit statistics of pages in your shop;
  2. serving of software of your internet-shop within the framework of contract on rendering of information services;
  3. modification of design of pages in your electronic shop;
  4. free consultations concerning technologies and tools for extending of functional possibilities of your shop.

Developed by Deep Vision