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For convenience of clients to make choice studio "Deep Vision" has classified several types of web-representations:

  • Elite site.
    This type of site is developed for companies which have high requirements to graphic number and which wish to get non-standard and original solution. This solution requires big expenditures of labour on its development. We attract different high-qualified specialists for such projects.
    This sight is developed with originally styled graphic design with offer of several concept versions of design. We develop integral, highly artistic and original design with carefully thought over navigating for all the levels of depth. Here are applied non-standard decisions, created unique "highlight" which differ your sight from thousands of other ones.

  • Corporate site.
    This site is developed in original stylish graphic design manner with proposition of several conceptual versions of design. It means development of integrate site concept containing splash (starting or main) page and design of all the pages and directories with properly thought over all the levels of depth and changing of separate graphic units for main directories.

  • Basic site.
    It means creation of an individual stylish graphic design according to the strict instructions of client. There is developed design of typical page on the base of which are made up (imposited) and programmed all other pages.

  • WAP-version of the site.
    It is made for access to the information placed on site using mobile portable devices. For more information look here.

Types of sites are based on level of complexity, quality of design and terms of development of web-representation.
You can get more information and order approximate calculation using our order form.

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