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Support of web-representaty in Internet consists of the following services:

  • support of web-representaty in actual condition (update of information, placing of news, performing of new projects etc) - within the framework of support agreement;
  • processing and the analysis of statistics of visitings on sight pages;
  • support of software developed by our studio and quick troubleshooting in case of their occurrence;
  • in necessary cases - modification of design of web-representation;
  • consulting on technologies and tools for widening of functionalities of your web-representation.

Making contract for support of your sight by our studio has several advantages comparing with update of the sight by customer himself:

  • operating and competent change of graphic and text materials without damages of program code (damage of this code is a biggest problem of update of materials made by non-specialist). Graphic materials placed on sight will be mandatory processed and optimizated;
  • you have no need to hire programmer and designer. You will pay them much more than your expenses on update of your sight in our studio;
  • conscientiousness and respectableness in operation with the customer. Any hired worker can leave and it can be accompanied by the negative phenomena such as casual or special damage or loss of data. Your cooperation with studio "Deep vision" can guarantee you complete serviceability of your representation not depending on casual circumstances.

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