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In modern world there are more and more people who need a quick access to information and want to be independent of their whereabout.

Modern technologies allow to get access to global network Internet using mobile devices. For example, it is possible to use network from your pocket PC, organizer or mobile phone. To provide access there was developed and introduced special standard WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) which allow to get access to information using possibilities of portable devices.

Taking into consideration limited possibilities of mobile devices (for example, small black-and-white screen of mobile phone and organizer) WAP-version can contain only text information and small (one-colored) logotype (trade mark) or painting.

At present time there is rather big number of WAP sources involving which user can search for different information, to get weather forecasts, news, read anecdotes, to communicate in chats of even make shopping.

Studio "Deep Vision" is ready to propose you creation of WAP version of your project. Usually WAP version contents the most compressed and fundamental information (because screens of portable devices are very small and reading of big texts is not convenient for user). For example, company‘s whereabout, list of services, news, organization of order of goods and services.

WAP hosting

Particular features of WAP technologies are such ones that WAP pages can not be placed on server which is not accordingly adjusted. Moreover, to create Russian and Ukrainian version document must be transmitted in UTF-8 (Unicode) encoding.

Server of company "Deep Vision" complies with all the technical requirements. It supports automatic code conversion of documents and it allows to generate translitered version for users who have not Russian font on mobile phone (Russian text is reproduced by Latin letters). So, users of devices without Russian fonts can get access to information in Russian.

We would like to attract your attention to that fact that clients of studio "Deep Vision" who ordered development of WAP Version till 30 September 2001 will get unique possibility to place WAP version on server of our studio during one year.

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