To make web-representation of your company to be accessible for internet users that‘s need to give it unique mane and register it in the network (registration of domain) and to find a space for physical placing of the sight (hosting).

Studio "Deep Vision" performs complex of services of registration and hosting.

Server that provides work of sight placed by us is in the гермозона of provider "Evitel" and provides quick and stable access for Internet users to web-representations. Specialist of our studio guarantee speed and reliability of the server and its accordance to all the modern technical requirements.

Domain registration

Registration of domain name like *, *, * for 1 year 10$
Registration of domain name in international zones like *.com, *.net, *.org for 2 years 50$

Customer chooses an optimal domain name of his web-representation and specialists of our studio check whether it is taken. If this domain name is free we send an application for registration. In 1-3 days this domain will be accessible in the network.

Льготный hosting on server of our studio (there are placed only sights developed in studio "Deep Vision")

Hosting (50 megabytes, 50 POP3 accounts) - for 3 months 30$
Hosting (100 megabytes, POP3accounts - unlimited) - for 3 months 60$
Hosting (100 megabytes, POP3 accounts - unlimited) - for 6 months 100$

Hosting of server of company "Deep Vision" - this is:

  • any size of a disk space for web-representation;
  • PHP4 (server-side language);
  • MySQL (DBMS);
  • extended statistics based on log-files of server and access to them;
  • possibility of creation of unlimited number of virtual servers (subdomains);
  • creation of mail inbox of domain with POP3 access (it processes mail for all the names in your domain);
  • FTP access to the information placed on sights;
  • automatic code convertion for Russian and Ukrainian languages (Russian Apache) etc.

High-speed access to Internet
If your company will permanently work in Internet you need stable and quality connect. Specialists of our studio recommend you to use "Evitel" internet provider which gives high-quality high-speed access in Internet on leased lines.

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